New in current development version (1.3 preview 6):

  • New and revised graphics for weapons, enemies, allies, walls, landscapes, and terminals, many new in preview 4
  • A major overhaul of the game's third chapter, including a (largely) new level, "The Midpoint of Somewhere"
  • Complete redesigns of the levels "Remedial Chaos Theory" (formerly "Unwired"), "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream", "The World Is Hollow", "The Land in the Sky", "Floating in the Void", and "Where Giants Have Fallen", including a new "ghost battle" in several of these
  • A newly remastered and massively expanded soundtrack featuring work from over a dozen arrangers, over seven hours of music, and unique music tracks for every level, encoded using high-quality Opus audio, with an optional lossless FLAC add-on for players who want even higher fidelity
  • New and revised story arcs, character arcs, and characters
  • Numerous improvements to pacing, game balance, level design, gameplay/physics consistency, and weapons
  • Over 100 of the game's 380+ sounds newly remixed in stereo directly from the CD-quality source files, including dozens of completely new sounds
  • A new final boss battle (of sorts)
  • More sophisticated monster scripting
  • Atmospheric weather like rain and snow
  • A complete remake of the game's Pfhor texture collection
  • A partial rebuild of "Haec caverna nón fórmátió nátúrális" (formerly "This Cave Is Not a Natural Formation" — the same thing in English)
  • New secrets and segments in almost every level, with notable expansions to "Deja Vu All Over Again", "Septococcal Pfhoryngitis", "Roots and Radicals", "Core Done Blew", "A Friend in Need", "This S'pht Again‽" (formerly "S'pht'ia"), "Let Sleeping Gods Die", " deep the rabbit hole goes" (formerly "Eat S'pht and Die" and "Flight of Icarus"), "Pfhor får lamm", "Eádem, sed aliter" (formerly "Dread Not"), "Bug-Eyed in Space", "Run, Coward!", "Once More unto the Breach", "Echoes of Eden", "The Dead Live in the Catacombs", "Dark Grotto of the Lethe" (formerly "Deep into the Grotto"), "Rána explóde corpus spírámentí" (formerly "Frog Blast the Vent Core"), and "Teneó affectum malum dé hóc" (formerly "I've Got a Bad Feeling About This")
  • An in-game menu system to toggle several new options (see manual for explanation), including:
    • A simplified overhead map display on over twenty levels to aid navigation
    • A new "auto-save on level transition" feature
    • An RPG-style monster health display
    • A secret tracker
    • Shared pickups in cooperative games
    • Negated friendly fire between players in cooperative games
  • A 26-page manual featuring full-color sprites of every weapon and enemy in the game, gameplay hints, answers to frequently asked questions, detailed credits, and background information on the game
  • Deliberately pretentious uses of grammatically questionable Latin to the extent of self-parody

Found a problem? Think something could be better?

Please report all bugs or other issues on our bug tracker.

Much of Eternal is available for public development. We have historically used GitHub as our main repository, but that is currently outdated, as interim development is being handled through Dropbox, with a Split Map Folder and a Current Build Folder.

If you'd like to help improve the project in any other way, please write to and we can provide you with any source files (such as AIs and PSDs) that you may need for whatever it is you want to improve.

Below is a list of previous releases of Eternal, for historical interest.

Eternal X 1.3

Eternal X 1.2

Eternal X 1.1

Eternal X 1.0

Eternal "Mark" versions